Monday, 20 April 2009

Sacked, fired, retrenched

This morning one of my bosses gave his final goodbye
He was in tears as he told us that he was resigning
Prejudged from his performance, we all knew he was sacked
I was reminded of a recent conversation he had with one of my close friends
Being the bread winner of her family (as she was married to an unemployed man) he
asked her about respect and expectations from the family for being an unemployed husband. He was so worried about the respect he may lose from his wife :)
Im so sorry about him especially his children.

Sacked, fired, retrenched
Its just something thats so common lately
Its like every seat in the office is a hot seat

I'm not ready for this, not yet
Its a shame that i have not reached that stage where
I could just walk out on this organisation
As much as this organisation needs me ... i think I need it more right now

*Sighs* for having to hear such news on a Monday morning.

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