Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My lucky nite

I really had fun tonite
The music was great
The food so lavishingly good...
Hmm, the keyboardist was irritating cos he was staring at me the whole nite
Despite it, i had a really gud time...
Ive never had luck @ lucky draws n tis was my 1st time...
So lucky to get a nites stay @ a 7 star hotel n resort... For 2 :p
Just what i needed, a relaxing break
Kinda sleepy...havent been out tis late for quite a long time
Overall, im happy tonite :-)


ASW said...

waw... dugem? kereeennn...
and cek in juga? *amazed*
Congrats yaa... :)

apples said...

Am amazed too :)