Friday, 17 April 2009

Moving on

In a confused state of mind unable to think clearly most things jumbled up hence the misjudgment. Moving on just has to be one of the many which i have forced onto me but yet again its just a word which actions needed to be done. The initiative just isn't there without the willingness the mind body and soul just seems to miscommunicate. Counting on external persuasion which never seemed to be heard.
Its not about replacing the old with the new. Nor its about forgetting. Trying to unlike or hate.
Its about being able to accept how things are as of now, accepting the fact that its not the same anymore, accepting the changes. Being comfortable with the present. Respecting the decisions that has been made.
When a regret of what should and shouldnt have happened continues to haunt, more than often we're standing still, waiting, hoping for a change of mind, perhaps a second chance. As if being hurt once or twice wasnt enough and being pushed by the intense desire to continue owning what was once owned. Its like waiting for rejection for the 2nd time, a confirmed rejection. Its a 'no' with a slap on the face, which aftermaths to more hurt, depression maybe shame and losing pride but it was all worth while.
Moving on is getting over. Not merely getting over 'you' but 'us'.
Happily moved on I'd be when Im over "U" and over "US".

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