Friday, 11 February 2011

He said "I love you"

The last time he called me, that was after quite a long time since we talked to each other on the phone. He said "I love you". And... i didnt reply him. I know it could be an "ouch" moment for him for not hearing the same from me but i had my reservations, i just hope he understands "our" situation :)

Today, im grateful :)

  1. One of those unproductive days would be today. Still going thru the tasks in front of me but just merely doing one after another without really looking at their prioritites and objectives. Afterall, one excusable reason would be that the weekend is approaching.
  2. Havent been too good with health too recently. After being hit with a series of "hardwork" my body's defenses weakened and got a really bad backache which lead to a migraine which lasted for 3 days. Now that the back ache and migraine is better .... a new one developed. As i washed my face this morning, i found a swell at the lower part behind my ear where (the jaw bone ends). I suspect its some kind of infection, just need to visit my GP and find out whats going on. Pray to God its nothing serious. However, despite all these, im thankful to God i could still drag myself to work and ofcourse without anyone at work noticing that im not feeling too good.
  3. I had my half- yearly performance reviewed recently, and am very happy that what Ive done and my contribution has paid off. Ive not only achieved for half-year but have already achieved my target for the whole year (which is suppose to end this June). Im thankful and grateful that God made this possible for me. All of my faith and hardwork has paid-off and shown its results. Alhamdullilah :)
  4. I havent got anything planned for the weekend, although i know i just cant stay put and not do anything. Maybe i need a rest.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another weekend project

So much for a weekend project ...My egg tarts didn’t turn out too well. I only have 6 tart moulds (mini ones) and so I had a total of 5 batches done. The first batch looks fine but I wasn’t satisfied with the taste cos I’ve had (bought) really nice ones before. The problem with mine was that the pastry didn’t crumble and the taste ... it lacked that buttery taste. And the filling needs to be richer. So i was on trial and error kinda baking and added more custard powder and then water to the 2nd batch onwards and the rest just went from bad to worse :P So much for trying to experiment with the filling to create the perfert egg tart filling.
I will need to revisit those egg tart recipes ! The problem with the recipes i found was that none explained the consistency of the filling (custard) !