Monday, 29 November 2010

Hada Labo - My review

Here's my review of the talked about "Hada Labo".

Before some intro - let me just comment on the advert "photo above" which says - One drop locks an ocean :D ..based on my experience. Its exagerating i would think.

Some quick intro - facts about this renowned Japanese skincare brand:

  1. Its star product, Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion , one of the top sellers in Japan. So popular that a bottle is sold in every four seconds! (Just look at the photo above)
  2. Hada Labo is a brand from Japan by the Rohto Mentholatum Group but the product itself is made in China. Read here to find out more about
  3. In Asian cosmetics, “Lotion” is a moisturizing toner used after cleansing but before moisturizer. It conforms to the concept of “double moisturizing” to help preserve and add moisture in your skin after cleansing.

This is my first time suing this type of lotion (i heard SKII is famous for theirs). My skin is normal- combination, very small pores and smooth which rarely breaksout but can be a little dry at the chin occasionally.

What's appealing about this product ?

  1. This product is good for the pocket as it is cheap and can be found at most Guardian Pharmacies.
  2. What attracted me to it (apart from the catchy 1 sold in 4 secs) is that it is free of fragrances, mineral oil and colorant.

I've only tried 2 of the products so far and my findings after continual usage of about 3 weeks are as follows :

Super Hyaluric Acid Moisturizing Lotion
At times the patting feels like forever, for the lotion to be fully absorbed (since im new at this patting stuff).
My skin does feel hydrated but I dont feel the "toing2" feeling-the bounciness.
It just went from sticky to fully absorbed. But YES to MOISTURISING and DEWY when the lotion is fully absorbed.
SO, overall it does hydrate but a proper moisturiser is still required.

Super Hyaluric Acid Moisturizing Face Wash
Dont know why it says its frangrance free but i surely smell the perfume in it. It smells like one of the olden days face wash ... kao biore :p? :D
Its non-drying and my face feels really clean after using it.
Good for those who like that soapy feel.
Overall, it justifies what is written on the pack itself.

Will I continue using it ?
Maybe. So far, it has not shown any adversity nor robbed my bank. In my opinion it is a product that works right for its price :)

Mind VS body

My mind says that im not feeling well today. Its something about a sore body and a back ache maybe...
And so i checked with body, "is everything okay ? "
Apparently body feels good today. No sore, back ache what so ever.

Hmmmm.... and so im questioning mind again .... "what are you talking about?" My body feels good !?!! How could you say such a thing ! This is a good body day !

And till now... mind is still trying to convince the body that its not well...
I feel an argument going on somewhere .... !!!
Now lets see which will win the mind or the body :)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Where's the positive in this ?

Been a while, thats for sure :)

Before writing about the actual topic, let me just share my
my thought for this morning ...

Theres no going back to start a new beginning ...
but we can move forward that is ...
to start today and make a new ending

Where's the positive in this ?

Somethings are just not meant to be
No matter how hard you've tried
It just won't be what you want it to be