Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another weekend project

So much for a weekend project ...My egg tarts didn’t turn out too well. I only have 6 tart moulds (mini ones) and so I had a total of 5 batches done. The first batch looks fine but I wasn’t satisfied with the taste cos I’ve had (bought) really nice ones before. The problem with mine was that the pastry didn’t crumble and the taste ... it lacked that buttery taste. And the filling needs to be richer. So i was on trial and error kinda baking and added more custard powder and then water to the 2nd batch onwards and the rest just went from bad to worse :P So much for trying to experiment with the filling to create the perfert egg tart filling.
I will need to revisit those egg tart recipes ! The problem with the recipes i found was that none explained the consistency of the filling (custard) !

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