Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Whats in and should be in my bag :D

  1. Handphone
  2. Handphone charger
  3. Coin pouch
  4. Purse with atm cards, ID card, driving license and cash thats just enough for 3 persons' lunch - was cash stolen before n the thief left me $ for sweet !
  5. Plasters
  6. Contact lens solution and case
  7. My glasses (spectacles) in case my lens fails me
  8. Pocket knife/scissors
  9. Wet tissues
  10. Dental floss
  11. Post it notes
  12. Pen,Pencil
  13. a little notebook - cos i dont trust pda's. I used to have 1 which i sold the next day after buying ...i find them quite unreliable at that time :D
  14. Aspirin and diarhoea capsules also gastritis
  15. 'Minyak Angin Cap Kapak'an ointment for quick relief of cold & headache and everything else :P. Also good to put on the nose when you cant bear the smell at public places
  16. Vicks Vaporub
  17. Sweets - im not a sweet tooth but its good to bait kids with :D
  18. Mini Screwdriver - for glasses
  19. Envelopes
  20. Eyeliner, blush on and powder and lip gloss
  21. Deodorant
  22. Perfume
  23. Pen highlighter
  24. A book, just any book - to kill time plus boredom while waiting
  25. A bag of peanuts or potato chips :P
  26. Face Moisturiser
  27. Bottled water
  28. Tissue paper
  29. Instant coffee - nescafe 3 in 1
  30. Hand sanitizer- liquid 'leave on' type
  31. Tooth brush and toothpaste
  32. USB Flash drives
  33. Hair clip
  34. Torch lite
  35. a fan
  36. Foldable umbrella (this is a must when overseas)
  37. face blotter paper
  38. Safety pins
  39. Nail clipper
  40. laptop
  41. ipod
  42. a camera
  43. Razors
  44. Oxy 10
  45. Tweezers
hmm....wat did i miss ? ...
...and the list goes on almost ready to sleep over :D
...Most things up there are the mini or pocket version


emma said...

waaaaaaaaaahh ....banyak banjet say....di tasku cuma ada ...uang receh aja xixixixi

apples said...

hehe..ini list yang udah ada n seharus na ada, so ada yang belom ... :D

Irwan Murdiansyah said...

tasku kok cuman ada buku dan ballpoint aja yak

apples said...

hehehe....kirain banyak makanan :D