Saturday, 29 January 2011

Brownies and appreciation ;)

I have so many to write about tonight !

My house smells of baked chocolate ! Yessss.... im making brownies. For the past 3 days been baking them non-stop! I enjoy baking them and eating them crumbs. And so im now the official Brownie baker and promoter haha ....well it is just a start of something that could be a lucrative business and who knows i can leave my current job to be a brownie maker J That way i’d be loving the job im at. Im not saying that i don’t like my current job, i think ive just lost some passion having being in the same line for too long. And so ... food... being in food business... who gets bored of food or chocolate to be exact ?
Talk about work, one of my colleagues (a junior) will be transferred to another department. I didn’t expect he’d have a heart to heart kinda talk with me. He said his thank you for my guidance and what touched me the most was when he mentioned me as one of the most important person in his recent career for motivating, supporting and inspiring. Ohhhh my that such flatter flatter .... five stars for me, no ??? :D I’ve never thought that i could be some motivator. Maybe ive under rated my self but ive always told others to have a can “DO” attitude and give it their best shot before saying some task/assignment is difficult. My exact words would be “im sure you can, you can do it”.
So, it’s back to brownies again lols ... I mean the Brownies business. I was thinking to start a page at Facebook and my 1st project is to come up with a yummy -licious yet enticing name.
Im off now and back to baking my last batch for tonight . And maybe turn in early and i so need a kiss goodnite ! umwahhhh for now :))

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