Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I just feel like writing and saying things...

Its raining
I love when it rains...
Especially daytime

Im supposed to go to bathe and turn in soon
But here I am waiting for some dish to be fully cooked at a game *hits forehead for stupidity*
But I just dont feel like talking much actually but I wana be by myself. hmm...maybe I'd talk to some people. Maybe you...just maybe. I'm not myself today. I feel kinda down. No i dont need cheering up. I'll be okay. Just talk to me when you see me tomorrow. I have this feeling...its like a pain in the chest, its that feeling when you've had too much and all you want to do is cry and be alone.

I dont need anyone. I'll be fine on my own. Just for today. Tomorrow, I'll be my happy self again. You'll see.

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