Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Call me sentimental or anything such,
but december brings me back to my childhood.
My sister says I never grow up, yeah whatever :))

December brings me fond childhood memories,
the best memories so far :) (yeah, it beats falling in love!)

As a child, December is ...
being in a foreign land
Sleeping in hotels
Visiting theme parks
Visiting zoos
Eating ice-cream
Dinner at fancy restaurants or side walk cafes
Shopping in malls where Christmas is the theme,ya well its Christmas anyway! lols !
Lots of free teddies from shopping
The togetherness, filled with joy and laughter
The fights I had with my brother :P

I miss those happy happy times, nothing compares.
My dad made me a happy child, I can never thank him enough
One gift a child will remember a life time...
Happy childhood memories, can never be bought!
If given a chance, yes I want to be back there :)

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