Monday, 8 December 2008

Sorry, I can't love you

You were there when I'm down
When i needed to smile
You listened to me
You shared alot with me
All the little things you do
tells me how much you care

I cherish every moment
every little thing you did
I enjoyed your company

But...its not love
You were there to make me forget him
there when ...I needed to get my mind off him
and I needed to hate him
but no matter how hard i try
deep inside he is still a part of me
a part of me that just wouldn't go

God knows I've tried
I've tried so hard to hate him
not hard enough maybe...
I have tried my best to love you
I tried hard enough to love you
but ....I can't
He has taken my heart and
I cant' love you without my heart

I've tried to say I love you
but the words just got stuck ....
I couldn't lie to myself

In the end...
all I can say to you is...
"I'm sorry and Thank you"

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